Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Shit, a lot can change in 3 months hey?

Realised I'd cranked this up and thought easier to just add to it rather than do another one from scratch...

'Tis now end July and after going up another coupla kilos (yeah those TF shakes were realllllly good *insert rolling eyes*) decided to bite the bullet and hit the husband up for a lazy 6K and pick some poor bastard to whack a lacky band in my stomach. Said lacky band now in place and I'm sitting at about Day 9 post-op. I'll be bloody honest and say that this sure sounded like a much better idea a fortnight ago but in for a penny and all that old tosh hey?

Bit of info:

4 days after I turned 39 I was in hospital having Dr Roy Brancatisano from "Circle Of Care" (cheesy business name but top set-up!) whack a Lap-Band in me. The day of the OP was a bit of a shocker and was really only on about Day 5 I didn't feel like I needed to be so gingerly with it all - bloody still hurts though, make no mistake!! Took all the dressings off tonight (mmmm, there's a vision - DON'T hold that thought!) and seem to be healing up okay'ish but tonight my shoulder tip pain is the worst it's been since the procedure - bloody kills. Must say the box of Endone is winking at me but trying not to be all wussy and pop (read: crush) pills if I reallly don't have too.

Anyway some stats whilst I still remember them:

8th July - initial consult with CoC - 113.2kgs. (Farrrrrrk a duck!)

18th July - after Optiyuking in preparation for the surgery ~~~ ↓ to 110.4kgs

23rd July - Actual operation

28th July - Weigh in was ↓ to 108.4kgs

So yeah in 20 days neat I'd shaken 4.8kgs. Bit bloody happy with that just quietly!! 'Tis funny because if somebody said that to me I'd be piping up with "Oh yeah, sure it was fat.....if it's that much of course you're only losing water. Duh!" but knowing what had passed my lips since the 8th of July I would bet my house that I have really lost the weight - Christ how could one not?!

Shoulder tip pain doing me in so will scoot.....youngest daughter going in for tonsills/adenoids out tomorrow so bit sidetracked stressing with all that - keeps my mind off being hungry though (which I'm actually not) I guess hey?

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