Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Well made up with the below stats! Sometimes I stress it's all not happening fast enough however I must remind myself I've hardly employed the services of a personal trainer 3 days a week! I really must start exercising, even if just a walk everyday, however I seem so fatigued at present I truly just cannot be assed. Very poor kidney function tests came back so much to sort out this week on that front........ I was so happy to see the back of 2008 that even now as I welcome in 2009 I have a horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach that this year will be hard slog for me, health wise that is. Oh well still gotta be good considering I've said goodbye to almost 17 kg that I'll never see again - that's got to help enormously - surely!

Weight: 94.2kg ▼16.8kg

Bum: 117½cm ▼ 9½cm
Bust: 114cm ▼ 14cm
Tummy: 125cm ▼ 11cm
Waist: 100cm ▼ 11cm
L.Thigh: 68½cm ▼ 2½cm
R. Thigh: 68cm ▼ 3cm
L. Arm: 36cm ▼ 3cm
R.Arm: 36½cm ▼ 2½cm
L. Calf: 43cm ▼ 4cm
R. Calf: 44cm ▼ 3cm
Neck: 36cm ▼ 4cm

▼ 16.8kg & 61cm. Woo~Hoo!

On track to look semi-decent for when my husband turns 50 and when I turn 40 .... much to look forward too!

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