Thursday, May 7, 2009

Happy Joy-Joy. NOT!

Well nothing to do with my weight loss journey, that's the least of my woes at the moment! ROFL Decided to add my journey here with what's going on at the mo with my health so that friends/family can read where I'm at without me having to run through it 8+ times a day.

CT - CHEST, ABDOMEN & PELVIS (inc. delayed images)

History: Complex cystic lesion in the pelvis with mural solid component ? ovarian cystic mass lesion rather than hydrosalpinx. I note a chest x-ray done yesterday also demonstrated no discrete abnormality.

Technique: Post-contrast examination performed with arterial phase images obtained through the chest and portal venous and delayed images through the abdomen and pelvis.


Chest: The trachea is situated in the midline. No thyroid enlargement seen. No thyroid nodule noted.

No significant mediastinal or hilar mass lesion identified. No chest wall or pleural speace abnormality detected. No effusion seen.

Minor lymphy glands are seen in both axillae.

In the lung window display there are two small nodular lesions present. One measures 6mm in size and is in the lung apex at the anterior aspect. The second one is located in the posterolateral aspect of the left mid/lower lung field in close poximity to the pleura and measures approximately 18mm in size. Despite reviewing the chest x-ray performed yesterday I cannot visualise these two lesions in the plain PA or lateral view. No other focal lung abnormality detected. No other mass lesion or sonsolidation identified. Appearance of these two nodules is non-specific ? granulomata ? more sinister lesions. Comparison with previous CT scan in May 2008 demonstrated these two lesions are new findings.

No other lung field abnormality seen. No pleural effusion noted.

Abdomen: There is a gastic band noted in situ and appears to be in reasonable position.

There is no focal abnormality seen ion the liver, spleen, pancreas or kidneys except for a cortical cyst seen in the posteromedial aspect of the right kidney at its lower third. This measures 19mm in size. There is also a smaller cortical cyst seen on the lower pole of the left kidney.

Gallbladder and biliary tree appear normal.

There is apparent splenomegaly with the spleen extending more than half the AP diameter of the abdomen. No focal lesion seen within the spleen.

There is also minor lymph glands seen in the mesenteric root and adjacent to the mid abdominal aorta but based on size criteron they are likey to be of no clinical significance.

There is also a fairly prominent proximal left ovarian vein noted extending from the inferior aspect of the mid left renal vein.

In the pelvis there is a large sepated cystic mass lesion seen occupying most of the pelvis and lower abdomen. This measures 14 x 9.3 x 11.1cm in size and demonstrates septation and predominantly fluid density. At its right posterolateral wall therte is also a slightly denser and minimal contrast enhancing mural nodule present. This measures approximately 17mm in size. I note the history of possible hydrosalpinx but I feel this lesion is too rounded and septated in appearance and likely represents a cystic tumour of the ovary ? right ovarian origin rather than hydrosalpinx. Suggest correlation with clinical history. I note there was a question raised previously with possible oophorectomy in the CT report in 2008. In understand the patient is to have a second gynaecological opinion tomorrow.

Minor pelvic side wall lymph glands are also seen but no significant mass lesion or significant enlarged lymph nodes identified. The inguinal regions on both sides are normal.

No lytic or sclerotic process identified.

No obvious hydronephrosis or hydroreter detected in the delayed images.

CONCLUSION: Large septated lobulated predominantly cystic mass lesion seen in the pelvis occupying nearly the whole of the pelvis and compressing onto the bladder at the superior aspect and extending into the lower abdomen. There is also apparent mural solid component present. Appearance is likey that of a large right ovarian cystic tumour.

Nodules seen in the left lung field in lung apex and in the posterolateral aspect of the left lower lung field. They were not seen in the precious examination in 2008. ? Possible secondary lesions or granulomata.

No hepatic secondary or pleural effusion/ascites seen.Splenomegaly.Bilateral renal cortical cysts. No over intra-abdominal lymphadenopathy identified. Minor lymph glands seen in the para-aortic region.

So yeah I'm in a v. weird headspace at the moment. Reckon my Zoloft dosage musn't be right coz I figure if I can still cry they're not working. ROFL Off to see a gyno pelvic sub-specialist this morning for another's a given that the blob needs removing me but it's not sitting well that I have to wait until the 18th May for surgery. It's now causing pretty major discomfort 24/7 and I must admit not being able to take anti-inflammatories for my aching joints is doing me in. I kid you now I hobble around like some 75 year old hunchback old woman. I wish I could walk properly but all of the joints just aren't working right, tis a real pisser.

Well I must say dragging this blog up it's made me realise I should probably measure up and see where I'm at weight wise - I know I've lost a good few more cm's even if not so reflected on the scales but with all this other hoo-hah on at present quite simply put the size of my thighs is of no real importance right now. Nice though as when it's out and I've healed from surgery (and hopefully I can talk the surgeon into taking out a little extra abdominal fat for the road!!) perhaps my ahem, girth, will be a good smidge less. YAY!

Thanks for reading whomever you are and I'll keep this updated as kinda nice being able to talk to myself and get my feelings down on paper (for lack of a better description) as helps me plough on through the day and not get so discouraged by new findings that keeping rearing their ugly heads. Push comes to shove my CA-125's aren't too hairy and I won't know if it's anything cancerous until the gungy bits come out and all get biopsied. Brill, then I've got full-blown menopause to get my head poor delicious husband and poor children, it'll be hell around her for the next few months! LOL

Laughing at the irony though because I was thinking back to when I made my decision to get the lapband in back when I hit 39 and saying to myself "For my 40th I'll give myself the gift of good health and quit being an obese fattyboomstix so I can be around a looooong time for my kids....and then this ovarian tumour had to go and ruin all the fun. :( So much for losing 20 kgs, feeling marvellous for it but now staring down the barrel at all this carry-on. Just want it all over with (the surgery) so I can know one way or the other. Think that's pretty normal too.

TTFN peoples!!!

Dan x


Vee said...

Hi Dan

Found your blog via EB.
I don't know any of your history but wishing all the very best with your diagnosis.
A blog is geat place to let all out ! I do.

All the best

Lynn said...

Hi Dani - another EB'r here - just wanted to say that as a nurse your CT scan is anything but conclusive. As you said they will need to biopsy the mass 1st. My Mum was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in her early 40's - her cancer was stage 1 (early) and the cyst they removed was huge. They told her that it had originally begun as a cyst and only just began to turn cancerous. with mild chemo (she never lost her hair) and a hysterectomy she did very well and has been 10+yrs clear now. The other little nodules in the lung may be benign - take it a day at a time - will be following your blog and wish you much good health and luck.

Amber said...

Dan, as dicky as it sounds, you're in my thoughts. I wish I could do more for you. If you need anything, lemme know, I'm only a short flight away!

Love you xoxo.

Narelle said...

Another EB'er here just wanting to send positive thoughts your way and to encourage you to stay strong. As a nurse, I've seen enough to know that your attitude towards this (regardless of diagnosis) is a huge part of your recovery. I've seen you around EB enough to know you are strong and a fighter - so you go and kick this thing in the butt - you have all of us at EB cheering you on!

ingrid said...

Hey Dani.
I don't know what to say. I want to be there for you in every way I can. I am thinking of you and your gorgeous family and please know I am here, just down the road whenever you need me.


Moshpit said...

Hey Dani, I am so sorry to hear of your predicament and am sending you strength to get through this tough time and prayers that you will receive the very best of care with the very best outcome - being restored to full health so you can kick the 40's into the 50's and beyond!

I had to giggle slightly at your last bit about your weight and getting to goal by 40 - on the brighter side, perhaps the mass being removed will be the answer to quite a few of those kilos :)

But seriously, we send out heartfelt love and prayers to you and your family... if there is anything we can do, do let us know. Hugs, Mishy (from EB), Chris, Lachie & Mikinley x0x0x0x0