Saturday, May 9, 2009

Yet another "up the clacker" ultrasound....

So the big black shadow is the 14cm'ish mass and that ball resting on the side of it is what's ruining all the fun. LOL If it was all just fluid it woulnd't bu that suss but given the solid bit in it (growing also) that's what the problem is. :-(
Went for second opinion with v. lame gyno (supposedly pelvic sub-specialist) and made me realise that the gyn/oncologist I'm with is who I need to be with. One good thing the gyno requested was a pelvic u/s from a specialist place that that's ALL they do, they were exeptional with their knowledge and their imaging pics.

Report read:

EXAMINATION: Pelvic Ultrasound

Previous history of hysterectomy
Consistent with the surgical history, the uterus is absent.

The left ovary measures 2.4 x 2.0 x 0.8 cm. It is normal in size, shape and echotexture. Colour Doppler Imaging showed no unusual neovascularisation. Posterior to the left ovary is a smaller tubular cystic lesion which measures 3.4 x 0.9 x 1.0 cm. This may be a hydrosalpinx.

The right ovary is not seen separately from a complex cystic structure which measures
14.9 x 10.7 x 11.3 cm. Colour Doppler Imaging showed no unusual neovascularisation with Resistance Index of 0.4. It contains faintly echogenic fluid within, multiple vascular septations and a fixed solid lesion which measures 3.0 x 2.9 x 3.0 cm. Vascularity is seen peripherally in the solid nodule on Colour Doppler Imaging demonstrating a Resistance Index of 0.4

There are no other pelvic or adnexal masses seen.
There is no free fluid in the pouch of Douglas.

CONCLUSION: The right ovarian cyst may be a dermoid but a cystadenoma is the other possibility, in view of its recent growth. Histopathological assessment would be of value.

It's just the damn size of the thing that keeps freaking me out! It's at the stage now where it's bloody painful. KInda feels like a prolapsed uterus that will fall out any tick of the clock, only difference being I no longer have a uterus! LOL
Best fly.....Endone & Xanax finally kicked in and I can move around without too muc grief so will go get come more shut eye I think. Thanks for listening to babble on, it's my speciality after all. ;-)
Dan x

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