Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Completely random pics for the fam....

March '06 with my baby brother - must print this one out and whack on the fridge to remind me to get fill put BACK in my band so I don't wind up like this again. *yikes*

Kinda the "NOW" pic....

Taken 3 months ago...typical mother - always behind the camera and never in front of it (also typical ex-fat-chick-bad-habit-one-gets-into!)
Definitely prior to "Blobbo" growing and subsequently being removed.....must don the dress again and see if noticeable "stomach distension" has shrunk...? LOL

Not the clearest shot (thanks to non-phone-savvy husband armed with his iPhone in the UK!) but shows what a handsome boy Master Fin is becoming. Loving the longer hair......quite a dish!

WHAT a dolly!

Daggy shot of madam with her new glasses. Nightmare trying to find ones to house those ridiculously long eyelashes!

Compliant (phew!) 4 yr old heading into CT scan. Clever poppet!

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