Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Update - coz I'm a slack ass!

Howdy all. Will keep this updated as easier to put in one spot and keep a record. Be nice to be able to look back on this text and laugh in years to come going through all this crappola......the idea is DEFIITELY to come out intact in 5 years time and have little or no recollection of all this baloney.

First thing is first:

O M G - I'm an 80's chick!! Shit a brick 'ey? Been a long time in the making but by jeez, by jingoes, by crikey it's kinda nice lemme tell you! Jumped on the scales yesterday (quite by default as I forgeot to these days, couldn't give a rats what I weigh to be perfectly frank) and lo and behold there is 89.8kg staring back at me - blow me down with a feather! Have next to no fill in my band at present due to me having it manually removed prior to my surgery as I was paranoid about vomitting this that and whatever with a 30cm incision straight down my guts - NOT an entertaining thought! Been enjoying the fruits of no fill though.....orgasmic to eat a crumpet or have a bread roll or chicken crumstick off a BBQ chicken. Fun best stop sometime soon though or I'll be back at 116kg in no time. D'oh!


Guts of it is highly likely it's lymphoma (according to my ultra-clever female Professor rheumatologist) but more tests to be run and then that will assist with the diagnosis. My haematologist has excelled I must say and simply due to added years of experience I'm running pretty much with my rheumy as she's so damn clued up with everything it's not funny. Saw her yesterday morning for an hour and she was most impressed with my lever arch folder full of prior results *groan* but gave her a tonne of information in a short space of time so that was great. Lengthy physical ensued and she then said rheumatoid arthritis (definitely) however too much going on blood wise for that to be it, if you know what I mean? Her gut says lymphoma so she requested more realllllly curly flash named bloods to rule out other stuff and I see her again on 30th June. She has ordered that I have a nucleaur bone scan as there is so much joint activity and that the main problem with my shoulders (adhesive capsulitis) she doubted would be fixed in a hurry. Dammit - they kill and only let me sleep in 90 min blocks. Pffft!

So bloods already completed and nucleur bone scan next Tuesday and she wants me to get a pulminologist running out of RNS (hospital) because now there is lung involvement with the lesions I'll need somebody looking after that organ alone. Pffft. She absoutely wants a biopsy from somewhere and when she was eyeing off the muscle in calf I all but went through the roof. She told me that she recently wrote a paper of sarcoid patients testing positive for sarcoidotis when an actual muscle was biopsied, rather than a lymph node.......ouch - a calf muscle that's just sitting there and minding it's own business????? She ruled out a biopsy of one of the lung lesions based on their location in my lungs...bummer! She said they're deep in the back and not bolt upright in the middle which is a safer position for them (!!) so performing a bronciowhateveroscopy they call that would be a bit of a fizzer she reckoned. Pulminologist will obviously know more.

So that's where I'm at. Fortunately both my poppets having a great run of late health wise......I do kinda spend autumn dreading winter being around the corner as both of their ENT problems REALLY flare up but so far so good, made up with that! Mackenzie powering at her little kindy (like, unbelievably so - blowing us all away!!) and Em plodding on at school and still buzzing she was one of the first 3 in the class to get her "Pen Licence" - all very fun stuff apparently when you're in Year 4. LOL

Will update with more next week I promise. Jeff stop worrying about me and get on with locking that beautiful daughter of yours up and slipping food under the door for the next 7 years! Yeah I tripped over a pic on Lisa's Facebook - since when did Ash quit being 3?????! ;0) and made me realise all the more I've just GOT to get over there to Perth sometime soon as been too long most definitely.

Oh and one more sleep till my boy gets home - YAY! He's marginally bevvied at Heathrow as we speak as celebrating a great day in his London office but by God he's been through the wringer in the last week over there sorting out his Finlay (his son) stuff. Quick update on my stepson being 'whipped' by mothers boyfriend complete with leather glove in mouth and bruising cream applied to buttocks 2 days later *sob* but we've forced it to all be opened up again and the police are getting involved (just as DOCS equivalent in the UK should have had them the first time!!!!) and great knowing what's going to happen now and with new documentation will be able to scare the crap out of his mother to bin the boyfriend or we'll go for permanent custody here in Oz. She's REALLLY tight with her parents so they will see a copy of the Surrey Police Report and that'll pretty much spell out what's been going on and hopefully they will step in and apply more pressure for her to bin the prick! Got a good feeling that this time that's what she'll do and Fin (DSS) will be marginally happier again - that's the name of the game here most definitely. He (understandably!) wants to stay with his mother but unless she steps up to the plate and makes some tough calls then she can go to hell and we'll take him....what parent wouldn't want a child removed from that hideous situation. (Admittedly hasn't happened again but if it happened 3 times already who can guarantee is it won't happen again....?) Anyhoo just be happy to have my gorgy boy home - been a big few weeks in this household. *groan*

Nice chatting everyone..... By the by I saw a great quote on EB and really liked it so just to be super cheesy will sign off from it - really rings true for some reason:

"There are things that we don't want to happen, but have to accept, things we don't want to know, but have to learn, and people we can't live without, but have to let go."

Author Unknown.


Dan x


mel said...

hiya love
reading all your stuff and keeping updated - an 80's girl is BLOODY AWESOME! what an achievement!
You are in my thoughts

Anonymous said...

wow you are going through the works.
love the quote.. so i borrowed it too...
hope all goes well for the next few appts.